Located in Naranthan (Budhanilkanta),  20 minutes away from Kathmandu Valley, and just next to Shivapuri peak, HCC Orphanage offers the best compromise between city life and stunning Nepalese landscapes.

In the Orphanage

  • Help out with the kids daily chores (gardening, cooking, cleaning, tyding…)
  • Try to find solutions to improve those chores
  • Drop them off and pick them up from school
  • Help them out with their homework and make sure they understand everything
  • Teach English and maths
  • Keep the kids entertained when they have free time:
  • Games: marbles, skipping rope, table tennis…
  • Outdoor activities: take them for walks , to the swimming pool or to Kathmandu, badminton, football, gardening…
  • Creative activities: drawing, dancing, play the guitar and sing…
  • Organize events such as picnics, sports day, food parties…

Other Missions

  • Community management: update the website and manage social media.
  • Run crowdfunding campaigns for different kind of projects such as infrastructures renovation
  • Find local partners such as doctors and specialized teachers

Kids go to school from 10am to 4pm and are off every saturday. During the day, when kids are not at home, you’ll be able to visit the city, but also to walk to the temple around. You can even take some days off to trek.


The volunteer apartment is located 4 minutes away from the orphanage. It includes wifi, bathroom and kitchen. This apartment will be shared among the volunteers.


During your stay, you will be eating local food, mostly dal bhat every day. Hope you like rice! 2 meals per day is provided but you can also purchase some snacks for kids after school.



The minimum duration of your stay will be 1 month


You have a good English level.


Motivation and pro-activity is key for this humanitarian mission


You need to be open-minded, adaptable and autonomous.

Don’t worry, the former volunteers will be there to guide you in your experience and a Facebook group had been created to support the new volunteers.

All volunteers have kept amazing memories of their experience at HCC orphanage. Please find some of their testimony on our blog.

If you’re not afraid of eating rice everyday, please apply here: