Children are currently going to Budhanilkanta Government School, which is a public school located 10 minutes away from the orphanage. Even though this school is one of the best government schools in the area, this situation is not optimal for their education. Indeed, the number of students per classes is around 50 pupils which is way too much!

On the other hand, boarding schools can offer the best education children could have: all the classes are taught in English, teachers have better qualifications than in public schools, the academic level is higher…

Unfortunately, studying in a boarding school is very expensive and the orphanage is not able to afford the fees for all kids. That is why we are seeking for generous sponsors to transfer the kids to better schools.


Some of the teenagers in high school will be graduating soon and would love to continue studying in college.

Indeed, higher education in Nepal would enable the kids to have a better job and a better future. The objective is to really accompany them as long as possible to make sure they can be dependent.

Currently, they left around 18 et don’t manage to do what they want. We need you to help them to choose their own studies by doing something they like.